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My business is called Becoming Better Pty Ltd

It's designed to show you and your teams the best ways to live, breathe & realise your core vision & values

You know when you want to get people to connect & engage with a vision & plan that will create a better future & stronger outcomes for your business, your stakeholders & your community?

Well, Becoming Better is designed to help you understand & develop the most effective people and business processes to do just that ... and to help you do that with simplicity, style & sincerity.

Russ Wylie

What do I do? Well ...

I help leaders, ... like you, make sense of the decisions that you must make in a workplace & community that is transforming at the speed of thought!

My role is focussed on mentoring & helping you and your key people, to establish clarity about what is essential and valuable, for sustainable effective results in your work and with your customers.

If you want to get rid of complexity, ambiguity and stress in your role or life, then I can assist.

Please feel free to talk with me about how we can work on this and achieve the results that are important and valuable in your life and work.. I invite you to do so.

A couple of other things that might be helpful to know ...

I am an Internationally Certified Growth Curve Strategist & TriMetrix Analyst & Master Mentor with a deep understanding of ...

1) What allows an individual to make good judgements & decisions, and be excellent in what they do (... their Personal Talents and Skills),

2) What passions people have, and can tap into to create excellence, (... their Workplace Motivators & Core Values), and ...

3) The pros & cons of their individual Behaviour & Communication Styles & Preferences, and how these things will affect and influence others to engage, commit and co-operate with you!

Some of the operating principles imbedded in my work that will bring net added value to our work and interactions include ...


The areas that I have deep experience & skills in, are:

- Mentoring those wishing to go to the next level of personal & professional development & effectiveness

- Building Adaptive Leadership Capacities in Business Owners, Managers & Teams, & Teaching Others to Do Likewise

- Working with Business Owners & Managers on the time-saving, money-saving insights of the Stages of Business - Growth Curve X-Ray process

- Mentoring key people & emerging talent through the groundbreaking "How to Future-Proof Your Leadership, Your Business & Your Life" Program.

PS: If you are a CEO, Business Owner or Leader/Manager and haven't checked these out, you really should examine the benefits of doing so.

They solve a lot of problems & leverage enormous, often hidden, strengths.

You and I may not yet know how these systems, tools and experience will benefit your organisation, empower your key people or analyse & predict the growth of your business ...

... but I do know that if you and I share some time on this together, or on the phone, you can make a judgement on that possibility.

Time put into exploring ways of improving individual, team and business effectiveness & performance is always the highest investment of time a business owner or manager can make!

Give me a call on 0433 126 146, we'll go from there.

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